Cyclone 4000

Anvendes i kompressorer med eller uden olieindsprøjtning



Cyclone 4000

Cyclone 4000 is a premium quality, low carbon forming compressor oil.
Lubricants for compressors are very dependent upon the type of compressor e.g. reciprocating or rotary screw, and also the gas being compressed e.g. air, nitrogen etc.

Cyclone 4000 has been designed specifically to offer superior properties when compared to other mineral oil based compressor oils. It is manufactured using carefully selected low volatility mineral oils and inhibitors are added to control oxidation, a problem encountered in the high temperature areas of the discharge zones, and anti-wear agents are added to protect all the mechanical parts in a compressor.

Cyclone 4000 compressor oil is designed for reciprocating and rotary screw compressors dependent upon viscosity requirements. A 4000 hour drain period is typical with this lubricant


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