TRIM® SC617 is a semisynthetic concentrate designed as a general purpose multi-metal coolant for general machining of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. TRIM SC617 uses a proven EP additive package to control built-up edge, improve tool life, and has the wetting and cooling characteristics for superior turning, milling and grinding results. It also has sufficient lubrication for most “down-the-hole” operations on machining centers.

  • A very versatile product that works well in a wide range of operations such as grinding, sawing, milling, turning, drilling, and tapping
  • Extremely good product for cast iron, steel and stainless steel machining and grinding
  • Low foam profile enables use in through tool machining applications
  • Very fine emulsion reduces carry-off for low total operating cost
  • Fast wetting to get the fluid to the point of cut and fully coat the work piece and chips for superior corrosion prevention
  • Extremely hard water tolerant
  • Excellent tramp oil rejection together with highly biostable formulation ensures very long sump life