Siggi Pickling Pasta

Removal of annealing colours in the area of the welding seams and heat-affected zones.
A clean metallic surface in the application area is obtained.


Apply a sufficient amount of pickling paste manually with a special Siggi pickling brush to the area that is to be treated.
Attention: welding seams and heat-affected zones must be allowed to cool down before using the product.
Read the packing label before use and follow the instructions.


Approx. 50-80 m of welding seam per kg Siggi Pickling Paste, dependent on the condition and
the dimensions of the welding seam area.

Residence time

30 – 120 minutes
Dependent on the material quality, welding process, component and ambient temperature.
Optimal pickling temperature: 18°C – 22°C.



SIGGI Pickling pasta 460

for AISI 304/316 as SMO alloy.
Residence time:  SMO: 6-8 hours.  304/316: 2-4 hours.


SIGGI Pickling Pasta 490

For 304/316 alloy, but especially applicable to SAF/Duplex alloy.
Residence time:  AISI 304/316: 1 hours.  SAF/Duplex: 20 hours.


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